Being charged with a crime can impact every aspect of your life. Criminal charges can carry penalties of high fines, incarceration, and drivers’ license suspension. It is important to have a Spokane Valley Criminal Defense Attorney that can help you through all the legal implications you’re facing because of a criminal charge.

Elliott Law Group, PLLC represents clients in a variety of criminal cases, including:

  • All Misdemeanors
  • Reckless Driving
  • Hit and Run
  • Traffic Infractions
  • Assault/Domestic Violence
  • Theft
  • Department of Licensing Hearings

We are dedicated to advocating for each criminal defense client and helping each client achieve the best possible outcome for their case, whether that is a dismissal, a reduction, or trial.

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Criminal Records

If you have been convicted of a crime in the past, Elliott Law Group, PLLC may be able to help you seal or vacate your criminal record if you meet the eligibility requirements. We provide representation in:

  • Sealing Juvenile Records
  • Vacating Misdemeanor/Felony Records

Contact Elliott Law Group, PLLC, the Spokane Valley Law Office,  today to find out if your criminal record is eligible to be sealed or vacated.


In Washington DUI/DWI charges carry severe penalties. If charged with a DUI, you are facing mandatory jail time, high fines, possible suspension of your driver’s license and other penalties that the court may order. It is critical to have an experienced DUI Defense Attorney by your side to develop a defense strategy to assert and protect your rights and to help you with your case.

Under Washington law, if you are arrested for DUI, you not only have the court case to deal with, but also an administrative suspension of your driver’s license by the Department of Licensing. You have the right to an administrative hearing about your driver’s license, if you act promptly after your arrest.

Elliott Law Group, PLLC, the Spokane Valley law firm, provides complete DUI defense, providing representation for the criminal court case as well for the Department of Licensing administrative hearing. We provide representation for alcohol DUIs and marijuana or drug DUIs.

We treat each case as unique and dedicate the time to fully investigate each client’s case and prepare a strong defense by:

  • Reviewing the written police report
  • Reviewing any video surveillance of the DUI stop/investigation
  • Looking for inconsistency between the video and written police report
  • Determining whether the police officer had reasonable suspicion to pull the driver over
  • Analyzing the way in which the officer conducted the DUI investigation
  • Identifying if your rights were violated at any time during the DUI stop

If your rights were violated, or if the officer made a mistake, it is possible that certain evidence will not be able to be used against you at court.

When you consult with Elliott Law Group, PLLC you will be treated with respect and understanding, we understand that being pulled over by the police makes almost anyone nervous and that having to deal with the court system can be stressful.

Whether you are facing your first DUI charge or whether you have a prior on your record, contact Elliott Law Group, PLLC today to discuss your DUI case.


If you have received a traffic ticket it can be costly and possibly raise your car insurance rates. We can help you understand what your rights are when you receive a traffic ticket. When you are issued a ticket you have to respond within two weeks by requesting a contested hearing by mailing in your citation. It is important to contact a Spokane Valley Traffic Ticket Attorney as quickly as possible after you receive a citation.

Elliott Law Group, PLLC provides representation for all types of traffic infractions such as:

  • Speeding
  • Failure to signal
  • Negligent driving
  • Improper lane usage
  • No insurance

We work to help each client reach the best possible outcome for their case whether it is a dismissal, traffic school, a mitigated to a non-moving violation, or a reduction in fines. A non-moving violation means that it will not go on your record and will not impact your insurance.

Contact Elliott Law Group, PLLC today to see if we can help you with your traffic ticket today.