Our landlord-tenant practice focuses solely on the rights of landlords. We provide quality advice and exceptional representation for landlords located throughout the Spokane County area. Our firm’s legal team is fully equipped to handle the following matters:

·         Evictions and notices

·         Collections and judgment recovery

·         Lease drafting and lease review

·         Landlord-tenant litigation and disputes

·         Defense against housing discrimination claims.

Protect Your Investment and Uphold Your Rights

We understand the tough reality that landlords face. For example, we understand that when landlords rent or lease a building, suite, apartment or home, they are giving up full control over a major investment. Non-compliant tenants can quickly cause this investment great harm. The investment a landlord makes on a parcel of real property should be protected and we are here to help.

We also understand that the State of Washington places considerable legal burdens and requirements on landlords. However, the law also imposes legal requirements on the part of tenants. Tenants must make timely rental or lease payments, they must comply with rental and lease agreement provisions, etc. When they fail to do so, landlords have the ability to invoke and protect their legal rights as landlords. Again, we are here to help.

Our firm stands committed to providing superior landlord-tenant services so that landlords can protect their investment and uphold their legal rights.

Cost-Efficient Representation

The Elliott Law Group, PLLC is about assisting landlords address and resolve their legal disputes professionally and effectively. But, we are also about doing so in a very cost-efficient manner. We work closely with all our landlord clients to make sure we provide legal services that meet financial needs and budgetary demands.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions. We are committed to your situation and we stand committed to you.