Republicans Propose “Hard-Line” Immigration Bill

A controversial new immigration bill brought forth by Conservative House members is gaining attention due to the claim that government leadership expressed willingness to pursue the Republican-only bill in exchange for their votes to pass government funding. The bill is fronted by Bob Goodlatte, Raul Labrador, Mike McCaul, and Martha McSally, key committee and subcommittee … Read more

Latest Updates for DREAMers

In the newest update for the “DREAMers,” or young immigrants dependent on Obama’s DACA program, President Trump has announced a bipartisan meeting to take place this upcoming week in order to discuss the next steps in immigration reform. Republican senators have been confident in their statements that a deal is fastly approaching, hopefully by the … Read more

What Could Be In Store for Immigration in the New Year

The Washington Examiner released a report late last week examining where the Trump Administration could go with immigration in 2018. Reporters expect that the coming year will see the administration focusing on overhauling the immigration system and building the border wall. According to Customs and Border Protection, the agency doesn’t have the money that would … Read more

Five Cities That Remain Friendly to Immigrants

President Trump and his administration have cracked down on immigration enforcement, sending worry through the immigrant community, their families and loved ones. While some cities are actively assisting the administration in detaining those who have come here from other countries, other cities are rolling out friendly policies and attempting to attract newcomers. Five of those … Read more

Controversial Report Says Immigration Hurting Jobs

A new, controversial report has been released and it says that support for mass immigration is allowing for discrimination of workers in the United States. Immigration-enabled discrimination was the topic of study for two researchers who have revealed that employers, in part, prefer Asian and Hispanic immigrants for entry-level, low-paying jobs. This is in the … Read more