Controversial Report Says Immigration Hurting Jobs

Woman washing the dishes in kitchen sink in the restaurantA new, controversial report has been released and it says that support for mass immigration is allowing for discrimination of workers in the United States. Immigration-enabled discrimination was the topic of study for two researchers who have revealed that employers, in part, prefer Asian and Hispanic immigrants for entry-level, low-paying jobs.

This is in the sector of blue collar work. When it comes to white collar work, the report found much the same. Employers, the report says, prefer to hire young graduates from foreign countries because they will work longer hours for lower pay.

The Trump administration is calling for the passage of the RAISE Act in an attempt to deter this discrimination. According to the numbers, there are approximately four million Americans each year that turn 18 and begin looking for work. The government, the report says, limits opportunities by accepting 1 million immigrants annually and issuing 2 million temporary work visas.

Whether this report will spur more study is unknown. Because it is currently the only study of its kind, it is difficult to say whether the numbers are accurate and whether or not the majority of Americans are concerned by jobs being given to foreign counterparts. As such, this report should be met with heavy skepticism, and should not be automatically accepted at face value.

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