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Defensa Criminal

Enfrentar cualquier tipo de cargo criminal es un problema potencialmente serio. Ya sea que esté enfrentando una acusación de violencia doméstica, una violación de pistola o libertad condicional, o tal vez un cargo de asalto o atropello y huida, lo primero que debe hacer usted (o su ser querido) es ponerse en contacto con un abogado de defensa criminal con licencia para practicar leyes en Washington o Idaho. Con oficinas físicas en Spokane Valley, Washington, y Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, estamos cerca de la mayor parte del oeste de Washington y el este de Idaho. Es posible que esté en la cárcel o que tenga un ser querido que está en la cárcel, pero el primer y más importante paso es ponerse en contacto con un bufete de abogados de defensa criminal, de inmediato. Ser acusado de un crimen puede afectar todos los aspectos de tu vida. Los cargos penales pueden conllevar multas elevadas, encarcelamiento y suspensión de licencias de conducir o la pérdida de otros derechos, como posesión de armas o derechos de caza. Es importante contar con un Abogado de Defensa Criminal de Spokane Valley que comprenda las leyes que rodean el delito del que se le acusa y que pueda ayudarlo con todas las implicaciones legales que enfrenta debido a un cargo penal.

Si se le acusa de un delito, puede estar enfrentando tiempo de cárcel obligatorio, altas multas, posible suspensión de su licencia de conducir y otras sanciones que el tribunal puede ordenar. Es fundamental contar con un Abogado de defensa criminal experimentado en Spokane, con licencia en el estado de Washington y / o el estado de Idaho a su lado para desarrollar una estrategia de defensa para afirmar y proteger sus derechos y para ayudarlo con su caso.

Abogados de Defensa Criminal

In Washington state and in Idaho, the political pressure to “crack down” on offenders is immense. Whether you were arrested in Spokane, Spokane Valley, Cheney, Airway Heights, Coeur d’Alene, or Post Falls etc. – anywhere really in Spokane County or Kootenai County, Idaho, it doesn’t matter. You are facing a state legal action, and you need the expertise of an experienced criminal defense lawyer. Our law firm’s office is convenient to Spokane, being in Spokane Valley as well as having a law firm office in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, but we can do an initial consultation over the phone or in person and sort out the face-to-face logistics to work for you or your loved one facing any type of criminal charge.

If charged with a crime, you may be facing mandatory jail time, high fines, possible suspension of your driver’s license and other penalties that the court may order. It is critical to have an experienced Criminal Defense Attorney licensed in the state of Washington and/or the state of Idaho by your side to develop a defense strategy to assert and protect your rights and to help you with your case.

Criminal Defense Hearings

Wherever you are arrested, things will be confusing to you as a lay person. You may be in jail, and you may not (yet) be bailed out. There are various steps to any criminal proceeding whether in Washington or in Idaho, and it is important – no, it is imperative – to have a criminal defense lawyer at your side, no matter what you are charged with. Mistakes can be very costly at any step, so it is absolutely important to have a lawyer by your side every step of the way.

Elliott Law Group, PLLC, the Spokane Valley/Coeur d’Alene law firm, provides complete criminal defense, providing representation for criminal court cases in both Washington and Idaho.
We treat each criminal case as unique and dedicate the time to fully investigate each client’s case and prepare a strong defense by:

  • Reviewing the written police report
  • Reviewing any video surveillance of interactions with the police.
  • Looking for inconsistency between the video and written police report
  • Determining whether the police officer had reasonable suspicion to arrest you or your loved one.
  • Analyzing the way in which the officer conducted the criminal investigation
  • Identifying if your rights were violated at any time during your arrest or thereafter.

If your rights were violated, or if the officer made a mistake, it is possible that certain evidence will not be able to be used against you at court.
When you consult with Elliott Law Group, PLLC you will be treated with respect and understanding, we understand that being pulled over by the police makes almost anyone nervous and that having to deal with the court system can be stressful.

Whether you are facing your first criminal charge or whether you have a prior on your record, contact Elliott Law Group, PLLC today to discuss your criminal case.

Criminal Defense Attorneys Who Care

We care about YOUR case. Our criminal attorneys enjoy an excellent track record of success when it comes to criminal legal matters. We know the law. But, we also know and understand the complexity, stress and, at times, crises, that alleged criminal issues may cause for individuals and even entire families here in Washington and nearby Idaho.

This is why we value your case. We stand committed to listening to your special needs and situation. We work tirelessly to address and resolve them. We also provide clear communication in doing so because we want to ensure you understand every detail in your case.

The Elliott Law Group, PLLC is a criminal defense law firm serving Spokane, Washington, with offices in Spokane Valley, WA and providing services to individuals and businesses located anywhere within the United States and worldwide. Please contact us today and let us begin assisting you with your criminal defense needs – professionally, efficiently and effectively!

Client Reviews
I applied for citizenship the first time, but my husband was previously denied citizenship. We hired Elliott Law Group and both Lana and Kate really exceeded our expectations. My husband and I just got sworn in as U.S. citizens! T.S.
I first hired Lana to help me obtain legal residency for my parents in 2006, then for my wife in 2007. She did a great job and my parents and wife got their green cards. Although Lana is not in California anymore, she still assists with immigration processes for other members of my family. I highly recommend her services to anyone who needs the help of a highly qualified immigration lawyer. S.P.
Good day, Atty. Lana. I would like to thank you for all the support and assistance. We appreciated and indeed, me and my wife very happy with how you handled my daughter’s case. We can personally say that we made the right decision for having your law office as our choice. tks a lot. V.N.