Don’t Pay A Traffic Ticket In Spokane – Fight It with a Traffic Ticket Attorney!

If you need a traffic ticket lawyer in Spokane Valley you need to talk to Elliott Law Group. We have some of the top-rated traffic ticket lawyers in Washington State, but we can also represent you if you are in Idaho. We can advise you of your rights and what needs to be done if you receive a traffic ticket for any sort of violation.traffic ticket lawyer in Spokane Valley.

The important thing is to contact us as soon as you can after receiving the ticket, since you only have 15 days either to pay it or to take some action on it. If you fail to do either within 15 days you may have your license suspended and receive additional penalties. Traffic fines in Washington State vary from one court to another, but your ticket will tell you what the fine is, deadlines, and further penalties.

If you get too many traffic violations or commit a major one such as reckless driving, DUI (drugs or alcohol), or failing to have sufficient insurance, your license can be suspended. You need to see a traffic ticket lawyer in Spokane Valley at the earliest opportunity.

Insurance Can Rise By Hundreds Of Dollars A Year!

Apart from any other considerations, getting a traffic ticket can result in your insurance costs rising by hundreds of dollars a year, so it really is worthwhile to explore all your options. At Elliott Law Group we have skilled attorneys who can help you. Your ticket will tell you how to pay, and you can usually do this by phone, by mail, online, or in person if you decide to do so. It will also tell you that you have the option to attend a mitigation hearing or a contested hearing.

If you are guilty of the violation you can request a mitigation hearing at which the judge may reduce your fine, offer you a monthly payment plan, or order you to undertake community service. You should note that you cannot appeal the judge’s decision at a mitigation hearing.

If you opt for a contested hearing you really should not attempt to do this on your own. You need a top traffic ticket lawyer in Spokane Valley, Washington, to represent you and he or she may be able to have the charges against you dropped or reduced, have fines lowered, and keep your violations off your driving record. Without a good attorney you may get a conviction which can mean suspension of your driver’s license and will almost certainly increase your insurance rates.

So if you have received a traffic ticket, don’t delay. A good traffic ticket attorney can help you accumulating tickets on your driving record, and keep your insurance premiums low.  Call us to discuss your options.