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DUI in Spokane, Washington: Is it a DUI Lawyer or a DWI Lawyer?

Officers Some people ask our DUI attorneys in Spokane, Washington, what is the difference between a DUI and a DWI? While there may be legal meanings to these terms, any sort of vernacular DUI / DWI means a driver has been found with a blood alcohol level beyond the legal limit. A DUI, or “driving under the influence” means the driver has been using drugs with or without alcohol. It’s easy for a driver to get lost in the details. The bottom line is this; you can lose your right to drive if you are charged with either!

DUI’s and DWI’s can happen for many reasons. Maybe you’re thinking only hard core alcoholics or drug addicts get charged, but you’d be wrong. As DUI attorneys in Spokane, Washington, we see average law-abiding citizens get into trouble too. Sometimes a woman has one too many margaritas at Happy Hour with her co-workers. Maybe she thinks she can handle driving home since it’s only a mile away. Somewhere in between Los Hombres Grill and home she gets pulled over by a police officer! After the blood alcohol testing she’s taken in. Not only is she charged, but her license can be suspended for 90 days. That can create some serious problems for a 9-5 commuter. Our DUI attorneys understand the embarrassment and worry this can cause.

A Top DUI Attorney in Spokane, Washington, can Help You Get Back to Work!

Being pulled over and arrested for a DWI can be mortifying. For a person who loses their right to drive on a Saturday and has to get to work early Monday morning, it can be costly. Even a first time offender can have their license revoked for 90 days. Relying on an Uber for three months may not be reasonable. Carpools might not be reliable either. The only answer is to contact a DUI attorney in Spokane, WA and get that license back as soon as possible. Our DUI/DWI legal team can help the judge understand a defendant’s individual experience. Penalties such as fines and a license suspension can be reduced with the help of an expert DUI attorney.

Another example of a fairly innocent miscalculation resulting in a DUI is the mix of prescription drugs and one drink. An example might be a person who left a book club and swears they only had one glass of wine. It can happen. Mixing common medications with alcohol can cause a person to feel “drunk” after they’ve already started driving. So if the book club participant was taking antibiotics to fight the remains of a cold, that one glass of wine packed a bigger punch than expected. It’s okay, an expert DUI attorney in Spokane can work to help reduce the charges for common innocent mistakes.

We deal with every type of drunk driving situation in Washington State and neighboring Idaho from our Coeur D’Alene law firm office. Whether you are a first offense DWI or a third offense DUI, a top attorney in Spokane, Washington is here to manage the courtroom and get you back to work!

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