Commercial vehicle types

Any vehicle used by a company for business purposes is called a commercial vehicle and needs to be insured under a special policy for its use. While any type of vehicle can be a commercial vehicle, there are many types of commercial vehicles that are not seen as personal vehicles. For example, it’s rare to see someone driving a hearse as a personal vehicle but extremely common for a funeral home to use one as a commercial vehicle.

Other types of commercial vehicles include passenger vans or buses, box trucks, straight trucks, flatbed trucks, food trucks, cement mixers, delivery vans, ice cream trucks, limousines, garbage trucks, or agricultural vehicles. Even vehicles that we normally think of as being personal use vehicles, such as cars, sports utility vehicles, or lightweight trucks can be used for commercial purposes.

Insurance policies for commercial vehicles are different that personal insurance policies because the vehicle is generally used by more than one person, sometimes more often, and generally carrying cargo or passengers that require additional liability.

A personal injury attorney can help you with legal matters after an accident with a commercial vehicle.

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