DAPA is Deferred Action for Parents of Americans and Lawful Permanent Residents. President Obama established the action. Undocumented parents of lawful permanent residents or United States citizens are able to apply for permission to work and remain in the country for three years.

Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for DAPA you:

  • Were present in the country on November 20,2014 unlawfully;
  • Have been living in the country since January 1, 2010;
  • Have a child who was born before November 20, 2014 and that child is a legal permanent resident or U.S. citizen;
  • Are not considered an immigration enforcement priority.

There are several benefits to DAPA. If approved, you are protected from deportation for three years. DAPA can be renewed once three years has elapsed. You have the ability to work in the country legally and can apply for a social security number. DAPA also qualifies people to apply for a driver’s license in their state of residence. In some instances, a person who is granted temporary residency can also leave and return to the country and may be able to apply for in-state tuition in order to attend college.

If you need assistance in filing the correct application and gathering the required documents, reach out to an experienced immigration attorney. Acceptance will be dependent upon providing the appropriate information and filling out the application correctly. An attorney can assist a person in making sure the application process goes smoothly.

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