Facet Joint Injury

Facet joints are located between your vertebrae and help us move by supporting and limiting our vertebrae. Facet joints help protect our vertebrae and a network of back muscles help to stabilize the facet joints. These parts work together to give us the normal movement we enjoy when we do not have an injury.

Facet joints can be injured in a variety of ways, most commonly by locking up and not moving the way they need to or by becoming too flexible and moving more than we want them to. Either extreme can cause neck or back pain. Facet joint injuries can occur slowly over a period of time where the joints and muscles weaken and wear down, or they can happen as a result of a one-time accident such as a car accident.

The treatment of a facet joint injury will depend on how the joint has been affected, but can include techniques to unlock the joints or physical therapy to strengthen the muscles surrounding the joints.

An experienced personal injury attorney can provide more information about facet joint injuries, including whether you’re entitled to compensation.

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