Form I-766

Form I-766 is an Employment Authorization Documentation (EAD), issued to aliens that are temporarily granted permissions to work in the United States. This is a fairly new form, meaning some aliens granted the same permissions may be working in the country under the old I-688B form. Those cards are valid until the expiration dates stamped on the card.

Once an application is granted and the form issued, it will provide information about the alien, including identifying information. The card also contains a number and may or may not bear a fingerprint. The card is only evidence that the person can legally work in the United States. It should not be interpreted to mean that the person has been granted citizenship or permanent residence. There are other avenues that must be pursued if a person working in the United States wishes to become a citizen.

A person who chooses to alter the card renders it invalid. The card will also list the person’s country of birth and any terms and conditions that are associated with the granting of the ability to work in the country. If the person chooses to leave the country for any reason, the card does not grant the person automatic reentry into the United States.

If a person needs help applying for employment authorization, they should speak with an experienced immigration attorney. An attorney understands how to fill out applications accurately and help make the process of applying an efficient one. A failure to hold such an authorization could hinder a person’s ability to remain working in the country.

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