Liability laws in Washington

Like all states, Washington has its own unique set of liability laws. For a personal injury lawsuit to be successful, someone must be found to have acted negligently. However, in Washington State, more than one person can share the blame when an accident occurs.

If two drivers are involved in a car accident, for example, and both are found to have made mistakes contributing to the accident, then both can be held partially liable. When an injured party sues for damage, they can only be awarded the percentage that the person was at fault. In our example above, if both parties are found to be 50% liable for the accident, then the injured party can only receive 50% of the settlement. In Washington, there is also a mandatory arbitration program for lawsuits worth less than $50,000, which is alternative to attempt to settle the dispute before the case heads to trial.

After a car wreck, a personal injury attorney may be able to assist in the ensuing legal process.

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