Spinal Cord Injury Recovery Time

An individual with a spinal cord injury may never feel as though they have completely recovered from their injury. In any case, the recovery can be a prolonged period of time where the patient learns a new normal and lets go of what they would have considered normal before.

There are four main stages of spinal cord injury recovery: immediately after the injury when doctors stabilize the patient and stop further damage from occurring, the secondary stage where doctors address the issues common with long hospital stays, the rehabilitation stage where the patient works to regain lost functions, and lastly the stage of learning to live within the limitation of their injury.

Although every spinal cord injury is different, patients generally won’t regain function they have still lost two years after the injury happened. The first year of recovery can be intensive and difficult, pushing the patient to become strong again. After two years have passed, any skills that are lost are likely to remain so.

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