Truck Accident Case Procedures

Truck accident case procedures can seem overwhelming when you are recovering from an injury. The first step to take is to sign a contract with a lawyer who can help you through the process.

There will be a period of investigation to determine exactly what happened during the accident and who, if anyone, is at fault. When it comes to a truck accident, it’s not as simple as whether or not the driver was at fault. There are times when the company who pays the truck driver have contributed to the accident with unsafe work practices, or even instances when equipment failure is to blame.

Once you and your legal team have a clear idea of what happened, you will send a letter stating what your personal injury demand is. That is generally an amount of money that will cover your medical expenses, loss of work, and other factors. The other party can then chose to settle out of court or take the case before a judge.

A truck accident case can take as little as a few months to as much a several years before a personal injury payment is made. A Washington personal injury attorney can provide more information.

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