Truck accident case procedures

Accidents involving trucks are slightly different that other personal injury cases. For one thing, truck drivers are working when they are driving. They are under a different set of regulations and guidelines than other drivers on the road who are not driving for work. An example of this the limits put on truck drivers for how long they can drive without stopping to take a rest. If a truck driver doesn’t follow the regulations as required, they can be proven negligent, the main factor in deciding whether or not a personal injury case will be successful. Secondly, truck drivers are also employees of a company.

It’s possible to find the company negligent in their practices or procedures, such as instructing a driver to disregard the “stop and rest” regulations or if the company has made a practice of hiring drivers without properly vetting their driving records. In some cases, both the truck driver and the company can be held liable for an accident.

A personal injury attorney can assist in discovering more about these procedures.

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