Truck accident causes

An accident involving a truck has a much higher potential of being deadly than an accident involving smaller vehicles, simply due to the force behind a heavy truck. The added pressure of a truck driver and the company they work for to meet their deadlines helps contribute to driver fatigue and improper driver training.

These are two of the biggest causes of truck accidents, accounting for over a quarter of all truck-related accidents. Other common causes of truck accidents include unsafe passing, driving a smaller vehicle in a truck’s blind spot, a truck not having enough space to make a wide turn, equipment failure or improper maintenance, distracted driving, unfamiliar routes, weather conditions, road rage, or failing to use turn signals properly. A truck accident can be caused by the truck driver, by the driver of another vehicle involved, or by conditions that are hard to manage such as icy roads or excessive winds.

No matter the cause, a personal injury attorney may be able to assist you after a truck accident.

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