Truck Accident Investigation Process

When a truck accident causes a personal injury or death, the investigation process is a crucial part of establishing who is at fault (and who is required to pay the award). In many cases the driver of the truck will be found negligent. However, there are also times where other parties could have played a role in the accident.

For example, a truck driver who doesn’t stop to take appropriate breaks and falls asleep while driving is likely to be negligent for causing an accident. But when company policies encourage that driver to skip breaks and keep on the road for dangerous hours, that company has been negligent.

Another example of possible negligence is when a truck driver is drunk when an accident occurs. That’s a clear sign that the driver was negligent, but if the company knowingly hired a driver with several DUIs on their driving record, they could share that negligence.

The truck accident investigation process looks at all the facts about what happens in order to establish a case for a personal injury settlement. A Washington personal injury attorney can provide more information on the matter.

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