Types of Visas

When a person wants to travel to the United States, the type of visa they apply for will depend on their intent for that travel. The applicant will need to meet all of the requirements needed for that specific visa. Visas in the country are divided into two categories: nonimmigrant and immigrant.


The purposes for travel dictate which category of visa an applicant falls into. These purposes include: athlete, au pair, Australian professional specialty, border crossing card, business visitor, CNMI-only transitional worker, crewmember, student, tourism, transiting the United States, and treaty trader. There are several other categories listed under nonimmigrant status.


This list is not as long as nonimmigrant. Categories include: spouse of U.S. citizen, spouse of a U.S. citizen awaiting approval of I-30 immigrant petition, fiance(e) to marry U.S. citizen and live in the country, intercountry adoption, certain family members of citizens, certain family members of lawful permanent residents, employer sponsored, religious workers, some translators, and other immigrants.

Again, there are multiple types of visas and each has a specific application associated with it. Filling out the right application is the first step in securing a visa to the United States.

If you have questions regarding the type of visa you should apply for, an experienced immigration attorney can be of assistance. An attorney can also help an employee or citizen fill out the proper petitions for beneficiaries as necessary. The approval of a visa is dependant upon the correct application being filled out accurately.

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