There is an application process in the United States for those who desire to obtain a visa. The process must be followed correctly in order for the visa to be issued. Here is a brief outline of that application process.

  1. Petition

The first step in obtaining a visa is submitting a petition. A family or employer can petition on a person’s behalf, but each party involved must meet certain requirements.

  1. Approval

Once a petition is submitted and reviewed, it will either be approved or denied. If it is approved, the applicant must follow several more steps.

  1. National Visa Center Processing

The next step in the process is dealing with the National Visa Center. The agency will contact the petitioner and advise them of the next steps. It is important to wait for this contact before any further forms are filled out or monies are paid. Typically, the applicant will be asked to choose an agent, pay any associated fees, submit an application form, get together their financial documents, gather supporting documents and then submit everything to the National Visa Center.

  1. Interview

Once all of the information and fees are submitted, reviewed and accepted, the applicant will be scheduled for an interview. They will then find out if their application was approved or denied and take the appropriate steps.

If you need assistance with a visa application or have been denied a visa, an immigration attorney may be able to assist you. Contact an attorney to find out the steps you need to take depending on your current status and position in the visa process.


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