Washington Wrongful Death Damages

When an individual is killed as a result of the negligence of another person, their family or survivors are entitled to bring a civil lawsuit against the person responsible. In a lawsuit like this, the end result is an award of monetary damages that can be quite substantial.

The reason that wrong death lawsuit awards can be so big is that they take into consideration many different factors that cause families a financial hardship after the death of a family member. For example, there will be funeral costs and medical expenses related to the medical care the individual received prior to their death. The individual will no longer be able to earn an income and an amount based on the number of years left to work and the potential income of the person are taken into account.

While these damages are relatively straightforward to calculate, there are some factors that are more arbitrary, such as the pain and suffering the victim had to experience and the inability to enjoy the things that make life worthwhile. For example, a wrongful death of a person who was the parent to young children may be awarded a portion of damages for no longer being able to watch their children grow up.

An experienced personal injury attorney can provide more insight into the damages possible in a wrongful death case.

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