Wrongful Death Settlement Amounts

There are a lot of variables to determining the amount of money award to a victim’s family in a wrongful death lawsuit. First, there are concrete expenses such as all medical expenses and funeral expenses directly related to the injury that occurred.

Second, there are imaginary expenses that represent the amount of money the victim would have been able to earn through their lifetime, such as wages from going to work or social security payments owed.

Third, there are arbitrary factors that will vary wildly from one trial to another, such as an amount to represent the pain and suffering the victim and their family have gone through or an amount to represent the hobbies enjoyed by the deceased, who has been robbed of the chance to continue enjoying their life.

It may seem a bit callous to put a price on the life of another person, but these damages represent the real life financial burden that the death of the individual caused. An experienced personal injury attorney can provide more information on the matter.

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