If You Are Arrested For Drunk Driving in Spokane Valley, You Need An Aggressive Lawyer

If you should happen to be arrested for drunk driving, you need DUI lawyers who work in Spokane Valley, Washington, who will work VERY hard for you. You may actually believe that you were over the limit, but to some extent that is not the point. Drunk Driving in Spokane ValleyDrink can affect different people indifferent ways, and you may have only been just a shade over the limit according to the officer’s report.  The facts are that you are entitled to a defense according to the law, and there can be many reasons why – even if you were over the limit – the charges against you can be dropped. The law is there in black and white, and it is quite common for officers to make a mistake in the correct procedure somewhere along the line, such as, for instance, not correctly informing you of your rights.  If the correct procedure according to the law has not been followed, then you are entitled to have the charges against you dropped, because that is what the law says.

Lawyers Who Understand Every Inch Of The DUI Laws in Spokane Valley, Washington

This is why you need DUI lawyers Spokane Valley who understand every inch of the law inside and out, upside down and backwards, who can help you if the correct procedure has not been followed. There could be any one of a number of different reasons that would never occur to the man in the street because he doesn’t know the law. At Elliott Law Group we do know the law and we know how to use it to our clients’ advantage. If an error has been made, you can be certain that we will find it, because we spend all day and every day trawling through DUI law finding all sorts of anomalies on behalf of our clients.

Our duty is to our clients, not to the law or to anyone else, and if you need DUI lawyers Spokane Valley you will find nobody who will work harder on your behalf than we will. Our job is not to agree with the “spirit” of the law, but to fight on your behalf – whether you are in the right or in the wrong. That doesn’t count.  This attitude is what has made Elliott Law Group one of the most successful firms of DUI lawyers in both Washington State and Idaho. We get results for our clients because we are prepared to put the gloves on and fight until we do.

So if you have been arrested for DUI do not hesitate. The sooner you contact us, the sooner we can get working on your behalf.