Immigrants Face Risk of Losing Children

Young woman and little child holding american flagAccording to recent numbers, about five million children in the country have a parent who is undocumented. These families are at the worst risk of separation because, if the parent is detained, the children may end up in foster care. Attorneys are now warning that this problem may soon become worse.

People who are not in the country legally or with the proper documentation usually don’t have guardianship plans in place for their children. Because these plans don’t exist, the children are typically placed into the foster system. To have their children returned to them, the parents must jump through legal hoops and cut through red tape that often seems insurmountable.

Most children are not detained with their parents. An immigration officer may utilize discretion in these cases. In other instances, the children were born in the United States, making them citizens. A local child protective system can put any requirements in place when it comes to putting families back together. Some require very little and others  require extensive amounts of paperwork and meeting of strict regulations.

Because of the recent changes in immigration policy, people in the country without the proper documentation are urged to meet with an attorney and have documents prepared designating guardianship of their children to the person or people they desire. In the event of the parent’s detention, the guardianship orders will be followed. 

If you need assistance with an immigration issue, please reach out to our office. We are here for you and want to assist you in any way that we can.